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Chauvin artist Kassie Voisin is anything but the stereotypical ‘starving artist,’ having found a way to turn her natural talent into a successful business painting murals and window displays for Lafourche and Terrebonne Parish area businesses.

Voisin, 29, began painting at an early age, some of her first mural projects being the walls of her own bedroom as a child.

“I’d always paint my walls; the walls in my childhood bedroom probably have six inches of paint layers from all of the practice when I was a kid,” she chuckled.

Her lifelong love of art eventually led her to start her own mural painting business in her early 20s. Voisin’s business grew organically over the years, starting first with children’s murals, residential homes, canvas art and related jobs – any sort of project to get her name out in the public. She then got the travel bug and began seeking projects all over the United States in larger cities like Los Angeles.

“For five years, I traveled all over the country,” Voisin said. “I traveled to paint hospitals and urgent care clinics, restaurants.”

Voisin says after traveling several years with her mural painting business, she later found herself back in Terrebonne Parish and the bayou region, where the demand for her mural painting services continued to grow.

“I’m a local gal now; I’m really strictly in Houma and Thibodaux, painting the cities,” Voisin said.

Voisin now takes on almost exclusively corporate work and has numerous corporate contracts with various businesses and organizations that keep her busy year-round. Her work is particularly noticeable in the downtown Houma area, where she paints multiple window murals seasonally as the holidays change. Voisin says her work never gets stale, as customers’ tastes and requests change year to year.

While the aftermath of Hurricane Ida continued to impact many area businesses negatively last year, Voisin says she was fortunate to have enjoyed a steady flow of work.

“After the storm, there were a lot of mural repairs, so I didn’t really see a break that much in business,” she said.

Many commercial customers contacted her for touch-ups or major repairs to their storm-damaged murals, or in some cases she needed to completely replace prior mural work in areas where her art had been destroyed due to mold, water or wind damage.

In explaining her mural style, the local artist said that while some clients prefer more of a muted tone, her style tends to lean towards creating murals with more upbeat color palette choices.

“I’ve always gravitated towards the really bright colors, because for me - painting in our communities outside – you want it to draw people’s attention,” Voisin said. “I try to use bright colors to make things pop off the wall and really catch people’s eye as they’re passing by.”

Many of her commercial murals depict what she describes as a New Orleans-style street art look.

The artist has captured attention online by posting fascinating time lapse videos of her mural projects. Although each assignment may take several days to complete, her time lapse videos are often less than 60 seconds long, sped up to show her art quickly take shape.

Each video begins with a blank window or wall canvas, followed by the artist sketching in her design, then later painting in her final mural scheme bit by bit. By the end of each video, Voisin has brought her work to a satisfying conclusion, completing her mural with clear themes, tight lines, and beautiful, well-matched hues of color.

One of Voisin’s most impressive recent time lapse videos online is her mural project completed at Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse on Laura Drive in Thibodaux, featuring a large outdoor mural with brewhouse themes sewn into the design. Voisin said the owners Mike and Judith Lewis came up with overall idea to incorporate greenery and craft beer elements into the mural.

“[Judith Lewis] had the idea for the color scheme, and then she asked for a brewery vibe - the bright colors and the hops, and the emphasis on the craft beer, because they sell [craft beer] at that location,” Voisin said.

Voisin and Big Mike’s BBQ now have plans to extend the same design and mural theme onto other parts of the building, including inside near the bar area and on the outside of the building facing the nearby road.

To learn more about artist Kassie Voisin and her mural business, or to see some of her mural painting time lapse videos, visit her Facebook page ‘Murals by Kassie Voisin.’

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The Ruff Ryders Houma Chapter and Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse are presenting the “Bikers & Bar-B-Que” event, which will benefit the local Toys for Tots and Ruff Ryders Coats for Kids.

At the outdoor gathering this Saturday, attendees will be able to indulge in some of the best barbecue around, listen to entertaining records spun by DJ Cobreezy, check out plenty of souped-up prized motorcycles and contribute to some great causes.

Annually participating in the Toys for Tots, giving back to the community is of great importance for the Big Mike’s team, co-owner Judith Lewis said.

“We’ve been in business now for 13 years, and we’ve done a lot of events on a smaller scale. As we grow, we want to grow our community involvement,” she shared. “Our community gives to us so often just by coming in and enjoying their meal with us. It’s definitely something we need to give back.”

Lewis added that it’s a “perfect opportunity” to get involved with another organization by co-hosting the event with the Houma Ruff Ryders, who engage in several charitable acts throughout the year.

Through their Coats for Kids that started just three years ago, the motorcyclists were able to donate over 600 brand new jackets to kids in need at various schools, and the used donated ones were given to churches and other organizations that have community outreach programs.

The club has also handed out Thanksgiving dinners at a local elderly facility, hosted its own Toys for Tots and held discussions on possibly starting a program that would provide meals to first responders, said Matt Hebert, Houma Ruff Ryders Business Manager

“We try to do anything and everything we can do for the community as far as helping out,” he added. “And with anything we try to do in town, we bring our love for motorcycles and stuff like that along with it.”

“Motorcycle organizations often get a bad bad rap, but we are doing positive things for our community,” said Allen Craft Jr., Vice President of the Houma Ruff Ryders. “Come out to support this Saturday — and get to know us.”

To help the Coats for Kids cause, guests can add gently used child coats to the collection at this weekend’s event or make a monetary donation — with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward buying new jackets.

Written by Drew Miller

Houma Times

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Michael Lewis is the owner and head dishwasher of Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse with locations in Houma and Thibodaux. Big Mike’s is also a member of the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce.

Michael is no stranger to the restaurant industry. “I am an industry veteran trained to meet high demand in high volume corporate-ran restaurants,” he said. “My goal to buy my first car was my inspiration to gain employment at the age of 16. After years of success in Houma, the desire to expand and encouraging patrons asking me to come to Thibodaux, I made it my mission to make it happen. Thibodaux, like Houma, is very community-oriented and is one of the best places to create a community gathering place.”

Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse is a barbeque joint first and foremost, but they also like to create dishes that incorporate different styles of cooking and flavors. “Our Jamaican Jerk wings are an example of this. We love barbeque, but we also have a passion for great music,” said Michael. “Our goal is to tie them together and give our patrons a place they love to come to for both.”

As far as one piece of advice to someone just starting out, Michael said, “Owning a restaurant is not for the faint of heart, in fact, it can be brutal! Anyone endeavoring to get into the hospitality industry should always put the love of owning a restaurant equal to their passion to earn a respectable living! This is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact, there are far better businesses to get into. If my advice has discouraged you, I have done you a favor, if it has gotten you even more fired up to succeed, this just might be your calling!”

Michael has great ambition when it comes to motivating and steering Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse on a successful path. “Achieving my goals of building up our employees, our brand, and giving the community its very own ‘Cheers’ is my greatest ambition for Big Mike’s BBQ and is what motivates me to continue improving. I am a strong believer that the great job we may have done yesterday does not count today.”

Being part of the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce bas been a master class for Michael in managing his own business. “The opportunity to develop fellowship with the business community is valuable and allows you to be a part of a group filled with business-minded people.”

For more information about Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse you can visit

Written by Ben Jones, Jr.

Managing Editor

Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Insight

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