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" Rub, Baby Rub! Our Poultry Rub is the perfect amount of goodness. We kept "ease" in mind as we made the perfect mix for YOU! this rub will add that "Big Mike" flavor to your occasional BBQ and meal prep session that you are looking for. 


PERFECT FOR ALL MEATS: This dry rub was designed for poultry in mind, but it has a versatile flavor that is great for kicking up chops, ribs and butts. 


  • Flavor                     Robust, sweet heat 
  • Weight                   7 oz (198g)
  • Ingredients          Garlic powder, Salt, Brown sugar (Sugar Molassess), Black pepper, cayenne                                             pepper, Paprika, Rice concentrate, Onion , Sugar

Big Mike's Poultry Rub - One Can

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